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Celebrate Chinese New Year and Prepare for a New Extreme Raid in Swords of Legends Online

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It’s time for new year celebration for Swords of Legends Online. The latest update for the game brings the Chinese New Year festival, as well as a new raid difficulty, and some changes to help players through the end of the current season.

It’s time for the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace raid to get its extreme difficulty level. This will unlock on January 30th, and will be recommended item level 120. If you’re successful, you’ll get a variety of pet items, some songs, as well as new Hero Tokens – Floral Palace. The Floral Palace tokens are new and you can exchange them for exclusive rewards coming in the hero token  Floral Palace shop, which will be available starting February 10th. Some of the items available will be a new accolade, gear upgrade level items, and weapon skins for each class.

The current season  ends on February 17, and Garden of Blades will make it a little easier for players to get competitive in the last weeks of the season. If you are 2300 or below you’ll get more rating points on winning. 

To mark Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger, there are several events, login rewards, and even a fireworks show. Daily login bonuses will get you gifts as well as a lamp and a possible avatar frame for seven days of consecutive logins. 

Two of the events, Treasure From Heaven and Spring Surprise both involve finding NPCs daily for special rewards. Blessed New Year is a treasure hunt, where you find a special treasure map at a Dragonstar. Search and find the treasure and you’ll be able to get loot like fireworks, avatars, frames, and New Year’s Money Gifts. 

The New Year’s Money Gifts are event tokens and you can exchange those in the hero token shop for rewards of your choice. One of the features are the red envelopes. You can send red envelopes to friends with a message and a gift of gold. 

Heavenly Spectacle is a fireworks show on February 1st for all to enjoy in Cloudrise at midnight. Sit back and enjoy the celebratory fireworks in the sky.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and see all of the event details over at Swords of Legends Online.


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