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CD Projekt Red Wants to 'Change the Game Industry' with Cyberpunk 2077

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The next issue of Edge Magazine will feature an extensive interview with the CD Projekt Red developers working on Cyberpunk 2077. The article features a number of interesting thoughts from the dev team, most notably that the company wants "to show the game industry how to do things. We want to change the game industry," according to Patrick Mills.

While the interview doesn't delve into exactly how CDPR will change the industry, it does dive into some interesting thoughts about how things have changed and evolved since The Witcher 3.

Producer Richard Borzymowski said that developers across the project aren't afraid of testing new things, particularly after the success of The Witcher series. "They [the environmental artists in this case] aren't afraid of testing out new things. This is exactly what we need to stay open to, because personally I believe that The Witcher turned out that good and why Cyberpunk will turn out really good -- because we are not afraid of change."

CD Projekt Red is holding itself to an even higher standard than it did for The Witcher and is committed to a literally hand-crafted world without the use of any procedural elements and through the use of a brand new animation system that has "completely changed the approach to handling animations" and that nearly every department in the studio has gone through an "evolution".

Side quests are another area where CDPR wants to ensure the same standard of quality set in The Witcher. Side quests will be quality. The magazine references the Bloody Baron and, while technically a side quest, was of such a high standard that it met "the standards of the main quest -- that there's nothing that feels like filler or just something to do while waiting for the next quest." said Patrick Mills. 

Mills further offers the company's viewpoint that "if the player can logically do it, then they can and if they can't, then we have to come up with a damn good reason why".

The article culls through even more of the demo with thoughts from the dev team about how in love it is with the cyberpunk setting, identity politics and much, much more. Be sure to head to the link below to purchase the magazine or wait for it to appear at your local newsstand!

Thanks to ComicBook.com for inspiring us to purchase the November 2018 digital edition of Edge Magazine to check it out for ourselves!


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