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CD Projekt Red Suffers a Ransomware Hack - Refuses to Pay

CDPR Got Cyber-PUNK'D, But it's Not Funny

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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In a tweet posted earlier today that includes the message received from the perpetrators, CD Projekt Red confirms that they have been hacked, and that those responsible have purportedly obtained documents and source code from Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3.

According to CD Projekt Red, the unidentified party gained access to their internal network, collected data and left the following note:

In light of the actions taken by the hackers, the team at CDPR has stated that they secured their network, and will be able to recover from their backups, which are still intact. The team is adamant that they will not negotiate or give in to any ransom demands. Investigations are still pending but CDPR is confident that no personal data or users of any CDPR services were affected.

CDPR have had a few rough months, with an inconsistent launch reception of Cyberpunk 2077, issuing refunds and the removal of Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store, and several lawsuits that have since materialized over their handling of the game. Despite those factors dragging CDPR down, this illegal ransomware attempt may seem like a tough blow, but CDPR is handling the situation, which includes not paying the ransom, according to expert analysts, and we hope to see the team recover swiftly and become more secure in the future.


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