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CD Projekt RED Responds to Game Informer's Epileptic Trigger PSA Article

Separate warning, and permanent solution

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CD Projekt RED have responded to a Game Informer article which pointed out some epileptic triggers in Cyberpunk 2077.

The article by Liana Ruppert acts as a PSA of sorts discussing some of the epileptic triggers some people may encounter when playing Cyberpunk 2077. The article talks about some general triggers in addition to Braindance warnings. It also talks about what you can do in these situations. Specifically, it points out a braindance “suiting up” incident,

“When "suiting up" for a BD, especially with Judy, V will be given a headset that is meant to onset the instance. The headset fits over both eyes and features a rapid onslaught of white and red blinking LEDs, much like the actual device neurologists use in real life to trigger a seizure when they need to trigger one for diagnosis purposes. If not modeled off of the IRL design, it's a very spot-on coincidence, and because of that this is one aspect that I would personally advise you to avoid altogether. When you notice the headset come into play, look away completely or close your eyes. This is a pattern of lights designed to trigger an epileptic episode and it very much did that in my own personal playthrough. “

CD Projekt RED have taken notice and quoted the Game Informer Tweet indicating that they will work on adding a separate warning apart from the EULA, in addition to working on a more permanent solution,

“Thank you for bringing this up. We’re working on adding a separate warning in the game, aside from the one that exists in the EULA (cyberpunk.net/en/user-agreem). Regarding a more permanent solution, Dev team is currently exploring that and will be implementing it as soon as possible.”

Cyberpunk 2077 releases December 9 at 7p ET on PC and Stadia, with consoles seeing a release at midnight local time. You can check out the launch trailer here, and check out our coverage plans here.


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