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CCP to Upset the Order of EVE Online in Quadrant 4: Phoenix

Here's a trailer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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CCP has announced the fourth and final EVE Online quadrant for 2020 as the Triglavian invasion is coming to an end. The new quadrant is called Phoenix, and we have a trailer.

This new quadrant will see you in the middle of the current invasion. Some of us may have opposed the Trigs, and some of us may have joined forces with them. This means that some systems will be permanently inaccessible through conventional means.

Additionally, the Supercarrier vehicle class will receive huge updates which include a new clone vat bay feature. This will let you spawn new ships directly from the bay if those ships were destroyed in combat. The aim here  is to let you get back into the action faster.

Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason shared his thoughts on Phoenix in an accompanying press release,

““This year has been a reflection of one of the core tenets for EVE Online – that actions have consequences. Splitting the year into four Quadrants has enabled us to systematically deliver our design philosophy that player choice should weave the fabric of New Eden, shaping the future of EVE’s universe and everyone within it. Capsuleers take note, in Quadrant 3: Zenith things are about to get wild.”


Poorna Shankar