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CCP to Raise Money for Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine via PLEX For Good, As Community Shows Support

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Joining in with the number of companies taking a stance to support the people of Ukraine during this time of war, CCP Games is starting a humanitarian relief effort with the EVE Online community.

PLEX For Good is a campaign program that EVE Online has used before to raise money for causes like COVID-19 relief. This time around, the company is pledging to match donations from the EVE community and the company‘s own employees up to a total of $250,000. 

The campaign will start this week and those who want to help can contract PLEX in any amount to an in-game character called CCP PLEX For GOOD. 

With the EVE Online community so broad and coming from all over, including CCP employees who come from different countries including Ukraine and Russia, the company is standing in support of the people. They’re calling for an end to violence and for peace. But at this time, there are many people affected by the violence, and so this humanitarian aid campaign is another arm of their response.

Raising money for humanitarian aid is just one step, in the announcement of the fundraising initiative, CCP noted that Alliance leaders across EVE Online have been posting announcements to support players from Ukraine and Russia who are caught in the middle. Some in the community have even seen movements to attempt to not interfere or even to agree to defend the assets of Ukrainian run corporations during this time. It’s a gesture in a game, sure, but it really does show what a community is about. Beyond this, there are also calls for civility and care for others regardless of where they’re from.

The EVE community is known for being bold, dedicated, and opinionated, and that’s one way to show you care about your community. This fundraising effort should be another and will hopefully get funds to the people who need it.

See the announcement on PLEX For Good over at EVE Online.


Christina Gonzalez

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