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CCP, Remedy, Next Game Devs Form New Studio To Launch New Cloud Gaming MMO

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Former developers from CCP, Remedy Entertainment, and Next Games have teamed up to form a new studio in order to create and launch a new cloud gaming MMO.

In a report from gamesindustry.biz, this new studio, Mainframe Industries, is comprised of 13 former CCP and Remedy Entertainment developers. The goal is to create an open world, sandbox MMO designed for cloud gaming. It’s said to feature cross play from PC, mobile, and TVs.

Said CEO Thor Gunnarsson,

“The creative and business opportunity that cloud gaming brings to social and immersive online games is unlike anything we've seen on the screens we play on today. We’re incredibly excited to announce our air bridge across the Nordics, having assembled a founding team with the AAA, MMO and mobile pedigree needed to build the game we've been preparing for our whole lives.”

The studio has raised around €2 million (~$2.2 million) in funding from Maki.vc, Play Ventures, Crowberry Capital, and Sisu Game Ventures, according to Gamasutra.

Again, Thor Gunnarsson,

“For Mainframe, the ability to deliver to all platforms a level of immersion and world simulation typically only seen in high-end PC games means that the visual gap between devices disappears as we move to the cloud.”


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