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CCP Releases Fanfest Schedule, Details Covid-19 Guidelines Ahead Of Next Week's Fanfest In Reykjavik

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For capusleers trekking to Iceland next week for EVE Online's Fanfest, what you might be doing there just got a little more clear as CCP Games has released the schedule for next weekend's event. Additionally, the studio further laid out the guidelines for Covid-19 measures for fans eager to learn more about how to stay safe while enjoying Reykjavik.

Fanfest 2022 is the first time since 2018 that CCP Games is welcoming capsuleers to Iceland for the, usually, annual event that breaks down the future of the sci-fi MMO. This year the event is back at the Laugardalshöll venue after spending a few years at the Harpa Concert Hall, and attendees will also have the chance to check out a little bit of EVE Online's new headquarters in the process.

Registration will be held at CCP Games' Gróska headquarters just outside of downtown Reykjavik, with players able to pick up their passes starting Wednesday, May 4th. Though, if you're waiting till the day Fanfest starts, May 6th, you'll be picking yours up at the venue itself.

CCP also details its Covid measures for the event in the post. Iceland itself has lifted all prevention rules at the border, and there are no mask mandates in place in the country. This means that there won't be any mandates while at Fanfest, and it'll be more a question of the individual attendee's level of comfort when maintaining personal social distancing and masking standards.

We are following Iceland’s Directorate of Health when it comes to COVID-19. At the time of writing, all the prevention rules have been lifted at the Icelandic border, meaning that no prior negative PCR tests or proof of vaccination are required. Masks and 2 meter distance rules are also not mandatory, so it is up to everyone to exercise caution as they see fit when walking about downtown Reykjavik or EVE Fanfest.

Something for attendees to keep in mind is that in order to fly back to countries of origin, a negative Covid-19 test result will be required, so maintaining safe Covid practices while at Fanfest are still pretty paramount for many (especially US attendees which require a negative test a day before travel back to the States). CCP will be providing plenty of hand sanitizing stations, as well as encouraging attendees to be mindful of others' personal spaces while at the venue.

Also being held at EVE Fanfest this year are the EVE Online World Tour Tournament finals. These are the finals from the World Tour going back all the way to 2019, seeing pilots take the stage to duke it out for the championship in epic 2v2 battles. 

The event itself kicks off on Friday morning Iceland time, with the opening ceremony taking place at 11:00am GMT. The schedule itself is packed with panels covering everything from EVE Lore, the music of EVE, to roundtables on current hot topics like Factional Warfare. You can check out the full schedule on the EVE Online website for more details.


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