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CCP Looks Back at 2020 with an Ecosystem Outlook Blog, 'Botting and RMT Negatively Affect Everyone'

Selling ISK Isk'nt Okay

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CCP has released a lengthy blog about EVE Online’s ecosystem outlook, which includes what they’ve learned from 2020, as well as what players have to look forward to in 2021. In the blog the developers talk about how the goal of 2020 was to rein in the excess ISK, Minerals and Assets, but the team states plainly in the blog that, despite the changes made this past year to reduce and balance proliferation of these resources, “scarcity is not the new reality, this is temporary and it will end.”

The blog hails the features CCP was able to put in place to curb structure spam, the capital ecosystem, and RMT ISK sources were addressed, all of which CCP believes will be a substantial movement in the right direction for their 2021 plan. The blog is extensive, and speaks to more changes, such as greater balance for risk and reward income sources, and adding more dynamic systems to better distribute resources. You will definitely want to check out the list of features headed to affect the EVE economy on the official post.

CCP leaves players with a few words of caution regarding Botting and Real Money Transactions (RMT).

“No EVE Ecosystem post would be complete without discussion of bots and RMT. Please don't buy ISK from RMTers and don’t let your friends buy ISK from RMTers, either. Botting and RMT negatively affect everyone. Thank you all for reporting bots, the in-game bot reporting tool is being prepared for further improvement.”

- CCP Development Team

The focus is to completely shutdown ISK sellers, and thus far, CCP has worked hard with over 42,000 bans issued to curb the practice. 7200 bots have been reported by players, and the team thanks all Capsuleers that have issued reports to assist EVE in putting an end to RMT and Botting antics. EVE Online has had a banner year, being crowned as the world record holder for the largest online battle in gaming history back in October. The ongoing player war, World War Bee 2 has been put on hold for the Christmas break with a temporary truce.


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