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CCP is Looking For a Variety of Beta Testers for the Upcoming Excel Add-In

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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After being a reference for years, Excel integration will soon be a reality in EVE Online. CCP and Microsoft’s collaboration is headed to New Eden to help organize your data, and you can apply for the closed beta to help them polish up the new add-in and get it out the door.

For all of the Excel jokes you may have heard over the years, this is shaping up to be a helpful tool. Once it’s out, you’ll be able to pull in game data into your spreadsheets to work with it in any way that makes sense to you and is relevant to your character (and your income). What is important for you to focus on might be different from another Capsuleer and this is designed to be flexible to gather data and intelligence without needing to be a coder or have to have advanced knowledge. 

For a while now, CCP has been working to make EVE Online more welcoming to different audiences. They’ve even tried to make the idea of starting in an often complex, decades-old game with a vibrant, dedicated, (and well, opinionated, community), less opaque. By working directly with Microsoft to offer this option to those who might find it easier to work with, it’s one more step that the team is taking to set up the game's third decade.

So how about that beta? The first step is a limited closed beta, and to reflect that effort to widen the appeal and community, they're looking for a variety of testers. Maybe you're a hardcore data nerd and EVE has been your home for 15 years. Your opinion is great and so is the person who's still learning and joined in 2022. They may expand the beta over time as needed.

There’s no set beta length just yet and no release date for the Excel add-in, but you can get details and apply over here at EVE Online.


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