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CCP Introduces Dynamic Bounty System to EVE Online

Update available in Test

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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CCP has introduced a new Dynamic Bounty System into EVE Online. Here are some details.

These changes will basically redistribute so-called ratting bounties basically on the fly. This will be driven by player activity. In fact, if you want to check this feature out, you can do so now on Test. The feature will be deployed live in November.

The new system will change the payouts of bounties dependent on player behavior. This means, payouts can increase or decrease on a per-system basis, operating on a multiplier based on ratting. For example, if there is extensive ratting, this multiplier will decrease. If there is a high amount of player combat and death, the multiplier increases. If that system happens to be empty, the multiplier will stabilize.

CCP outlines a few benefits of this system including constantly providing opportunities for players. Additionally, they cite this new system will bring a better spread of income across New Eden. This will move people away from large ratting hubs which will inherently create more conflict.

You can read all about this new Dynamic Bounty System here.


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