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CCP Games Spins Up PLEX For GOOD Drive To Support Earthquake Victims In Turkey and Syria

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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PLEX for GOOD is a recurring campaign that CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online, spins up to help when a crisis hits. Over the years PLEX for GOOD has raised over a million dollars for humanitarian relief, this time spinning up to help those affected by the recent earthquakes that shocked Turkey and Syria.

CCP Games' PLEX for GOOD campaign has done a lot of good when these crises arise, raising money for humanitarian efforts since 2005. Over the course of the campaign's life, PLEX for GOOD has raised over $1.2 million across crises such as the Haitian earthquake in 2010, the Fukushima reactor disaster in 2011, and most recently to help Ukrainians after Russia's invasion began in 2022

The earthquake which rocked Turkey and Syria has reached heartbreaking death tolls, rising above 36,000 people feared dead as a result of the disaster. 

"The world has mobilized relief efforts with doctors, nurses, search & rescue, engineers, emergency shelter staff, and many other lifesaving specialists. This includes the Icelandic elite search and rescue team who have described the freezing and extremely difficult conditions in which the collective rescue effort operates in their attempts to unearth the people who have been buried underneath the rubble.

Also affected are the millions of refugees residing on both sides of the border whom have been displaced from their own country living in flimsy shelters, tents, and partially destroyed buildings as well as the communities that have been generously hosting them for many years."

Players will be able to donate to the PLEX for GOOD campaign through an in-game contract with the player, aptly named CCP PLEX for GOOD. By transferring PLEX, CCP's in-game premium currency, at the end of the campaign CCP Games will take that donated PLEX and convert it back into real currency to donate to the relief efforts.

You can learn more on the EVE Online website.


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