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CCP Games Is Taking Applications To Test Its Upcoming FPS Set In The EVE Universe

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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CCP Games is making a new FPS at its London studio and it looks like the developer is starting to accept applications to test it out. 

The playtest link was shared on the EVE Online subreddit, and was confirmed to be legit by community developer Dan "CCP Convict" Crone. The test being advertised is targeting veteran players of CCP Games' last FPS to launch, Dust 514. 

While the link was met with some skepticism, Convict confirmed that the application was from CCP Games and that the London developer is holding multiple external play sessions to test out the upcoming FPS title.

"There are indeed a series of external playtests taking place for our London studio-based FPS project over the next several months. Each playtest will invite applications from different cohorts of players. eg. non-EVE playing FPS fans, non FPS-playing EVE fans, or in the case of this particular playtest: Dust veterans."

Convict states that the reasoning behind splitting up the playtests this way is so that the team can evaluate the feedback properly. Comparing "apples to apples" so to speak. He goes on to state that if you don't fall in the Dust veteran category, which is the target for this playtest, to keep an eye out for future tests. 

Revealed with some concept art at EVE Fanfest 2022, CCP Games is building a multiplayer FPS set in the EVE Online universe. Described as an "online tactical FPS game," CCP London released some dark, atmospheric concept art alongside the announcement that the team was ramping up on development. The existence of external tests only a few months later would definitely coincide with that.


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