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CCP Games' CEO Says Online Gaming Content 'Should Have Practical Values In The Real World'

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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NFTs and other blockchain technologies are making their way furiously into gaming, so it's not a shock when a company's CEO comes out talking about them. CCP Games' Hilmar Veigar Pétursson recently signaled his belief in the idea that NFTs and Play to Earn models can and should be an option for those gamers who want them, stating in an interview with The Korea Economic Daily that gamers should be able to "make retirement plans" off the money earned through gameplay.

Speaking with The Korea Economic Daily earlier this month,  Pétursson talked about the P2E model, which is seeing more of a push from companies in the games industry lately as NFTs have taken over the discourse. CCP's EVE Online is already no stranger to NFTs, as they were awarded to pilots during the recent Alliance Tounament XVII back in November as Killmails on the Tezos Blockchain.

Speaking with the outlet, Pétursson talked about gamers who are looking to earn money from the time investment put in game, especially talking about the fact that content "should have practical values in the real world."

“Gamers hope that the values created from online games can also be used in reality. The online gaming content should have practical values in the real world. The gaming industry should evolve to allow gamers to make retirement plans by using the money they earn from games.”   

This concept is incredibly divisive in gaming circles, as many players aren't all that keen on seeing NFTs and other potentially predatory and environmentally descructive business models encrouch on gameplay, especially those who use games as a way to relax from a hard day of work. 

It's important to note, though, that while CCP Games has dabbled in NFTs already and is obviously looking towards them like many games industry leaders out there, Pétursson stops short of stating that they will be implemented in EVE - at least right away. The CCP Games CEO also acknowledges just how divisive doing so can be, and how it could complicate things between the two user bases of those in favor and those against.

"We have conducted research related to NFT and blockchain as they are based on a decentralized system, which is similar to CCP Games' operation. However, it is a little too early for us to entirely introduce NFTs or P2E."


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