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CCP Games Announce Two Special In-Game EVE Online Events, Starting June 9

Gathering Storm Daily Login Campaign and Lightning Strikes Live Event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EVE Online developer CCP Games today announced two special in-game events: Gathering Storm Daily Login Campaign and Lightning Strikes Live Event. Here’s what you need to know.

These events will feature three new Upwell spaceships and weaponry to aid EDENCOM as the continue to battle the Triglavians. The Gathering Storm Daily Login Campaign will begin on June 9 through June 15. During that time, you’ll receive free rewards for logging in daily. These rewards include thousands of Skill Points and Booster Gift Boxes. Note, according to the accompanying press release, you’ll need to log in at least five days during this event to receive all the rewards.

The Lightning Strike event will run from June 15 through June 29. You’ll be able to enter secret Upwell Covert Research Facilities in lowsec and nullsec to face off against the Rogue Drones looting the Upwell tech from the wreckage. Rewards for this event include manufacturing and invention materials, Skill Books, and more related to the new EDENCOM ship line.

New EDENCOM ships and weapons will be introduced as well. These new ships (frigate, cruiser, battleship) will come equipped with a weapon from Keepstar Doomsday and will prove to be powerful in both PvE and PvP combat due to its ability to hit multiple targets with a single shot.  You can expect to see skill books for the ships, guns, and the supporting skills through both the Gathering Storm Daily Login Campaign and Lightning Strikes Live Event.

Finally, the Clear Vision Update is set to deploy today. It’s set to bring Jita IV Station to Phase 2 of its ongoing construction as well as implements visual enhancements to EVE Online’s in-game travel transitions.


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