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CCP Dives Into the Tech Behind EVE Online

Plus a Q&A

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, a recent EVE Online live stream looked at the tech behind the game.

The stream occurred on Wednesday, June 10 and was almost two hours long. The team featured five of CCP’s tech team to answer questions and more. The presenters included CCP Vertex, CCP Explorer, CCP Tuxford, CCP Merovingian and CCP Chimichanga, plus CCP Fleebix and CCP Convict as they took a deep dive into the technology driving EVE Online.

If you’ve got one hour and 45 minutes to spare, check out the full live stream below:

Additionally, the Triglavians have been up to some pretty serious activities, if you haven’t heard. It seems like they’re going around harvesting stars for resources, as outlined in a recent Scope video. Raravoss seems to have experienced the brunt of their attack, with resistance put up from players proving to be futile.

This is all part of the ongoing Triglavian Invasion. You can check out Jin’taan’s own analysis and gameplay on all this as well.


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