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CCP Banned 70k EVE Online Accounts in 2021, and New Devblog on Security Details Efforts Against RMT and Bots

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 EVE Online’s Security team is checking in with the community with a 2021 review and update on the various battles against RMT, botting, fraud, and account hacking. 

“Team Security” consists of several  security analysts, GMs, and programmers who are all focused on keeping EVE running on the up and up. With an active and opinionated community, and a well-known player-driven economy, keeping out shady conduct is important in these matters. In the review, CCP shares that, in making some changes to the security team, some of the new additions had to learn some programs and techniques from scratch, but the team now has the experience to handle all of this work efficiently.

In 2021, TeamSec banned over 70,000 accounts, many of which were automatically created botting accounts made for no other reason. Once identified, the team works to keep up to date on how to detect new bots and remove them quickly. Yet, aside from the ones the team finds, player reporting, especially when detailed, is a huge part of how this particular issue gets fixed. The team fielded over 137,000 botting reports on 41,651 separate accounts, leading to a huge chunk of those ban numbers.

When it comes to RMTs, this has many gray areas and downsides, especially as RMTs are often associated with account hacks, theft, and fraud. CCP details potential account hacking that is frequently related to RMTs. Since this is intricate and data would have to be looked over carefully, could ultimately, after lengthy investigation, result in everyone losing accounts or characters. You could also be out whatever money was paid or gained.

Overall, the new blog is both a detailed breakdown on just how some might take advantage of scamming, account theft, and botting in order to gain some advantages. It’s also full of good tips to keep your account safe and how to get TeamSec involved if something just doesn’t look right with your account one day.

Read the full blog over at EVE Online.


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