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CCP Announces Eclipse, The Second Quadrant of 2020 for EVE Online

Plus snazzy new trailer

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Eclipse, the Second Quadrant of 2020 for EVE Online, has been unveiled by CCP today.

“After a packed and successful Quadrant 1 with Fight or Flight, we are pushing the envelope even further for Quadrant 2 with Eclipse,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s CreativeDirector in a press release, “We're committed to making exciting changes to New Eden going forward, with events, updates and plenty of surprises that will touch all corners of New Eden!”

Eclipse will contain new live events, celebrations, login campaigns, visual updates, huge balance changes, new and mysterious ships and weapons, as well as the third and final chapter of the Invasion expansion.

Additionally, The Hunt returns on April 6. This will be a limited time event where you’ll be tasked with hunting down and scanning several capsules. Doing so grants you access to special event sites which are said to contain rewards and important materials. Any player pod destroyed during the vent will have a chance of dropping their hard-earned implants as loot.

Finally, Part 3 of the Triglavian Invasion storyline is set to unfold withplayers influencingthe outcome of this star-spanning conflict. Stay tuned for more.


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