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Cathedral Abyss Brings Endless Tower Mode

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Guardians of Ember has been updated to bring Cathedral Abyss to the game, essentially an "endless tower mode". Players who work through the tower will find new "bounty for clearing the Cathedral Abyss of any dangers lurking there". Players will find new monsters and bosses as well. The tower can be taken on as a solo player or in a group as long as all members are level 30 and have unlocked Endless Tower Mode via questing.

Starting out, the first ten layers of the abyss are accessible, but to go deeper you will need to work together to unlock new tiers by sacrificing either gold, boss cores, monster energy or guild rubies. With the Cathedral Abyss a new currency finds its way into the game: Dark Energy, a precious artifact that exclusively drops from mobs and bosses in the abyss. Dark Energy can be used to increase your character’s various attributes giving you new possibilities to enhance your strengths and skills. 

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