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Catch Up on What You Need to Know Before Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is Out Next Week

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If you need a refresher before the release of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons on February 28th, ArenaNet has put together a brand new video that covers the dragon cycle and the fight and losses along the way. 

The dragon cycle has been endangering Tyria for generations, and one thing you’ll notice if you’ve paid attention to the story of the game as a player, or even in this recap, is that there’s hope. Yet when the expansion does release, there will be danger and new challenges to take on for those who still seek to end the dragon cycle. 

Key to this is Aurene, the prismatic dragon. And her influence will be felt through End of Dragons, even down to the expansion’s Legendary weapons, which are all influenced by her and will come in six variations each to represent the prism. She represents hope, yet there are still questions as to what the right path is, since slaying the elder dragons has had repercussions, like instability. 

End of Dragons will take us to Cantha and there will be much to uncover, so while the dragon cycle and continued efforts will be important, the new places and people that you’ll meet will have their own influence. 

With the expansion coming so soon, it is worth catching up on just where things are now and get ready for the future of where things will go next in Guild Wars 2. The story has been affected by the elder dragons for the past decade, so with the expansion title in mind, and many questions to be answered, this upcoming content does take on a feeling of significance.

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