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Catch Up on the Threats Brewing Ahead of Sea of Thieves' New Adventure, 'The Herald of the Flame'

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After releasing a trailer for "The Herald of the Flame", the next Adventure, Sea of Thieves now has a lore-rich preview recapping just where things have gotten to at this point and what’s at stake next. 

The Herald of the Flame brings back the character of Stitcher Jim, someone that had a significant role before, but hadn’t been seen for some time. The cinematic trailer featured Jim singing, and revealing his transformation. That transformation is one of not just body, as he’s now definitely filled with flame, but loyalty.

Prophecy has played a part in these limited, interconnected narrative Adventures this year, and the looming shadow of the legacy of Captain Flameheart as well. These look like they’re going to come to a head, if Jim completes his goal of resurrecting Flameheart. 

Back in the early parts of this sequence of Adventures, Belle found some secrets and dug for information. As the preview lays out, that prophecy has been drawing closer, and Belle looks for answers.

“It details a looming Time of Resurrection, when a powerful enemy is destined to return and wreak havoc upon the Sea of Thieves.

Belle believes that this can only be referring to Captain Flameheart, who has haunted the seas in a spectral state since his release in ‘The Seabound Soul’. Given the chaos he caused when manifesting as little more than an ill-tempered cloud, the damage inflicted when he reclaims a physical form could be catastrophic – and his return would serve as a rallying cry for The Reaper’s Bones.”

High stakes, returning characters, and the threat facing all as The Herald of the Flame looks to bring back one of the most dangerous threats around. Belle is searching and gathering allies and support to try and stop the events of the prophecy from coming trie.

The new Adventure will be live on Thursday, October 13th, after the maintenance and will remain available through October 27th.

Read the full preview over at Sea of Thieves.


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