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Catch 15-Minutes of Elden Ring's Gameplay in an Official Preview Tomorrow

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Elden Ring may have been delayed to a late February release, but Bandai Namco is giving us all a surprise look at the gameplay tomorrow morning via a newly announced 15-minute streaming preview. 

The special was announced on Twitter and the preview will start on the official Bandai Namco US Twitch channel and will also be available on YouTube. The stream is set to go live at 9:45 AM Eastern with a 10 AM start time.

Last we heard in regards to Elden Ring, the game was being delayed for another month and a closed network test announced. That closed network test will be happening from November 12th through the 14th. With tightly kept secrets about what to expect under wraps for this long, there’s still not a whole lot we know about FromSoftware’s next game. That’s what makes this new preview a real draw. We should know a good amount more about what to expect from the game by this time tomorrow and everyone can begin to dissect what it all means. Of course, with as much mystery as there has been already these past few years over the collaboration between George R. R. Martin and FromSoftware, we won’t be surprised if it turns out that they’re still keeping a whole lot shrouded in secrecy even after we all get a taste,

February is going to be a very packed month for various releases, and it’s no surprise that some are already trying to get a jump on claiming a bit of your attention span now (and maybe some of your cash later)you’re interested in checking out the preview you can check the official BandaiNamco Twitch or YouTube channels, where streaming and subtitles will be available for the presentation.

For more on the game, you can check the official  Elden Ring  site..


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