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Catapults Fling Themselves Into Gloria Victis as Part of the Deadly Harvest Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Gloria Victis players can now use the just-arrived catapults to fling things at their enemies. The deadly machines arrived in the game as part of the Deadly Harvest update that also brings a new world event where nations are trying to capture as much territory as possible.

Proper siege equipment in the massive open world sieges is epic by itself, but that’s not all. Unlike in similar games, catapults in Gloria Victis aren’t simple static objects – they can be moved by the players around the world! Not only does it create an entirely new layer of tactical options and enhances the players’ freedom. It’s also a prelude for the introduction of movable battering rams and a huge step towards adding ships, wagons and mounts, which makes us super excited!

Check out the update notes on the Gloria Victis site.


Suzie Ford

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