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Cash Shop Controversy Ignites KR Launch

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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According to a new report at Steparu, the Korean launch of Tree of Savior has come as a huge surprise, both in the fact that it launched ahead of schedule, but that the cash shop has come with some big ticket prices. For example a new hairstyle will set users back $17 or $25, more expensive than a real world 'do.

In addition to the shocking prices, players have also been confronted with more than a few bugs and localization errors that indicate the launch was rushed out of open beta without any fine-tuning.

The hairstyle is a bit expensive, but I'm mostly disappointed because there are no cute outfits, lol. The TP shop seems to be lacking, I'm interested in purchasing the hair or if it gets added in clothing sets in the future, then again I'll just keep my fingers cross and hope I don't cave in and buy it! Honestly, I just want cute outfits, grand opening events, and make missions worthwhile with EXP and EXP Cards! The Cash Shop EXP book and all the VIP stuff is nothing new to me, since most KR games have this kind of system. I'm sure it will change in the international version, perhaps they can even make two kinds of servers for it! Shots are being fired all over the community Korean and English forums starting with the pointing game of IMCGames or Nexon.

Read the full post at the link above and check out the video below.


Suzie Ford

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