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Cargo Runs Coming to Sea of Thieves Starting Today

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Sea of Thieves site has been updated with the news that Cargo Runs are being added to the game once today's maintenance is complete. The new feature has been added in response to player feedback to have "alternative means of building your Merchant Alliance reputation". 

Players will pick up a contract that directs them to head to either an Outpost or a Seapost to pick up cargo and then deliver it to another location. While it may seem similar to other types of voyages, there are a number of key differences. 

  • Cargo Runs are separate from other types of voyages, though they can be accepted and run concurrently
  • specific goods are collected and handed over as opposed to other voyages where players have to find cargo on islands to reach a specific quota
  • timing is everything - the faster cargo is delivered, the better shape it's in, the better the reward

The other new features of Forsaken Shores play a role in Cargo Runs too: rowboats make all the difference in transporting goods to and from your ship, while goods sourced in The Devil's Roar are, like everything else about that restless region, a little bit harder to handle.

Check out the video below to learn more or head to the Sea of Thieves site.


Suzie Ford

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