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Captain Jack Sparrow Will Be Gracing The Sea Of Thieves In 'A Pirate's Life,' Coming June 22nd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It looks like Disney and Rare have decided to finally give Sea of Thieves players the crossover made in heaven, as the Pirates of the Caribbean crew has graced the Sea of Thieves in an original new story in A Pirate's Life, coming for free on June 22nd.

The crossover with Disney sees the entire Pirates of the Caribbean cast represented, from Jack Sparrow himself to Davy Jones, in what Rare is calling an "epic original story." The DLC seems to take players on an adventure alongside Sparrow and his crew, though what they are searching for the "world's greated Pirate Treasure."

Via the Xbox Wire:

"Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is the game’s most ambitious story-driven campaign to date. Players will go on a quest to free Jack Sparrow from his prison and witness the power of the world’s greatest Pirate Treasure, which Jack just so happens to have stolen. Jack is being pursued by his old enemy, the notorious Davy Jones, and their arrival on the Sea of Thieves will ultimately spell disaster if Jones and his forces aren’t stopped." 

For Sea of Thieves fans, though, the ability to jump into a full new narrative will come rather soon, as Xbox revealed A Pirate's Life will be hitting Xbox and PC, for free, on June 22nd. 


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