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Captain America Gets his Groove Back in Marvel Snap's Latest Balance Patch

Casey Bell Posted:
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The reign of Leech is over and as short as it was it wasn’t short enough. Second Dinner’s latest Marvel Snap balance patch has made some significant changes that are sure to change the meta and there’s even a little something in there for fans of  Marvel’s first Avenger.

Starting with Leech, Second Dinner has quickly seen the error of its ways after Leech has been completely terrorizing the meta with no downside when combined with Blink. This patch reverts him back to a 5 cost card but gives him a bit more power at 5/5 (vs 5/3) to make him just a bit more playable.

Another major change is one that comes as a welcome surprise. Captain America, long ignored by Second Dinner and mostly unplayable, has received an update. Instead of giving +1 power to all friendly cards at a location, he now gives +2 power to all friendly Ongoing cards at his location. It’s not a massive change, but one that should allow him to easily get value in various Ongoing lists.

Werewolf by Night, a card that was ubiquitous in the meta and then mostly fell out of play when it was moved to the 4 cost slot, is now a 3 cost card once again. At 3/1, Second Dinner feels he’ll be a lot more fair in the current state of the game.

For all the patch details, head over to the official Marvel Snap website.


Casey Bell