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Capes and more coming with latest Guild Wars 2 patch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Capes are coming to Guild Wars 2, making everyone who wears one exactly 100% more heroic.

The news was teased by the official Twitter account earlier,

This is all part of the latest patch. You’ll be able to receive your first cape, the Basic Guild Cape, from Guild Commendation Traders.

Other patch notes touch on general QoL improvements such as,

  • Wardrobe: New checkboxes have been added to each weapon, giving players the option to hide their weapon when it is stowed.
  • Ascended feasts have been added to Guild Storage in the Consumables tab. Guilds that have unlocked the tavern may speak to the tavern proprietor to deposit their crafted food for the guild's use.
  • Some Looking for Group categories have been reorganized for better readability.
  • PvP weapon sigils, amulets, and runes have been integrated into Equipment Templates, allowing players to customize their PvP equipment while outside of PvP game modes.
    • A button has been added to the Equipment section of the Hero panel that allows players to toggle between viewing standard equipment and PvP equipment.
      • Note: Because equipped weapons are shared between all game modes, they are displayed in both views.
    • PvP equipment can also be quickly accessed by clicking the existing PvP Build button while in the PvP lobby or by using the PvP Build keybind.
  • Dynamic HUD has been added to the game!
    • Dynamic HUD gives players the ability to show or hide parts of the UI while in or out of combat. The UI can also be set to always be hidden.
    • A new section within the General Options tab of the Options panel has been added to control Dynamic HUD. Components of the UI have been grouped into related sections.
    • Several presets are available for players to choose from, or players can individually control the behavior of each section.

Additional notes cover off tweaks to Bjora Marches, items, profession skills, and PvP changes.


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