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Camelot Unchained's Latest Newsletter States 'No Gear or Armor Will Drop from an NPC Encounter'

Steven Weber Posted:
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As we ease into July, the latest newsletter from the team at City State Games is right on time to provide the most recent state of development in their upcoming MMORPG Camelot Unchained. As with previous Camelot Unchained newsletters, a series of lengthy explanations and detailed concept art were in full display.

In this month’s newsletter, Kara Stover walks us through the next biome the team has been hard at work on, the Coastal Lowlands. In this biome, the art team depicts sandy beaches, craggy rocks and some colorful coral strewn about the area. In addition to some of the coastal flora that players will see, they also provided concept art for the Hamadryad, with various skin colors and hairstyles.

In terms of design, this month Kara and Chris jumped into loot drops, and what players will receive when they’re adventuring throughout the world. In last month’s newsletter, Kara mentioned that she wanted to get to the “heart of boxes” in relation to Keep Lords, but unfortunately in this month’s newsletter, information about Keep Lords was still kept to a minimum. Still, Kara did provide clarification on loot boxes, stating that, “there will never be a situation in any part of CU where gear such as weapons or armor will drop from an NPC encounter.”

Kara goes on to say, that it doesn’t mean that players won’t be rewarded when they defeat an enemy:

“Be it treasure chests, crates, boxes or bags, any of the content that drops on the ground, or can be found across the land hidden about, will share one thing in common; thou shall never drop weapons or armaments!

The point of this game isn’t to go into dungeons to get gear; however we do expect there will be materials and rare resources there you might want to MAKE GEAR WITH and prevent the other realms from getting. The major community aspect of this game is the reliance on your fellow man for, well, man-made goods. The last thing we’d want to do is break the chain of supply by having those objects merely obtained by playing whack-an-NPC with the nearest NPC grouping.”

– Kara Stover, Concept Artist, City State Games, Newsletter #79

The ”no gear” design decision will permeate the land in that, chests will provide crafting components, crafting-based currencies and more for those that don’t want to battle NPC’s to obtain resources so they can make their own gear. Finally, Kara ends the Newsletter with the latest state of the build, depicting the progress the team has made with the Golden Plains biome, weather effects, and the work they’ve done to get the Coastal Lowlands zone ready. More information will undoubtedly surface over the next couple weeks with a wrap up of June’s development in their End of Month livestream.

Back in May, Mark Jacobs expressed how development will speed up, now that the CSE team will be working in their offices again. He explained that players should see more consistency in the information they provide, and more progress on the developmental end, as well as refund requests. The latest Newsletter does not delve into how the team's dynamic is progressing the game, nor the status of expedited refunds, but we expect that players will get more information later this month during the livestream.


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