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Camelot Unchained Talks Movement, Alchemy And NPC Combat Behavior In Latest Top Tenish Post

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Camelot Unchained recently provided some updates on the MMO's development, detailing the alchemy system a bit further, as well as some of the MMO's current work-in-progress systems, such as movement, NPC archery and more.

Early in March the CU team detailed that they were back on track with their 90-day plan, which saw the development of the Verdant Forest being focused on for the upcoming Camelot Unchained launch. The plan spanned the development goals of the team from February through April for backers to check out. 

The most recent end of month update breaks down some of the updates in its Top Tenish, including some details on the Alchemy design and getting it implemented in the MMO. The team states that the team is implementing the Mark Jacobs' design ideas and spreadsheets in the game and that its in the process of getting backers into the build to check out the system. 

"We’ve taken MJ’s design and spreadsheets and worked to get the alchemy system working in game. This should soon be in the hands of the backers to play around with, by granting access to alchemy crafting materials through harvest tents. We are also putting together a group of Backers who will have access to the same spreadsheets MJ used in creating the system. This should happen next week."

The team detailed how Alchemy works in-game a bit (which it has further detailed in its February newsletter), with each potion requiring a container, suspension and reagents to craft. Reagent mixes can result in both good and bad results, so crafter beware! 

Camelot Unchained also touched on movement in-game for players, stating that they actually have dialed up the speed of player movement based on internal testing. They also go on to talk about some of the changes made to NPC Archery, such as the ability to target an "arbitrary position" in the world rather than simply targeting a player. The team actually states this could lead to some of the very types of aiming players do naturally, such as leading targets, missng shots, as well as what they are calling "offset targeting."

"This will ultimately allow for intentional missed shots (i.e., variability in aiming skill), the ability to lead moving targets, and “offset targeting” which will allow NPCs to pinpoint specific parts of other entities and structures. NPCs will also be able to exploit this new capability to launch volleys of projectiles up into the air, causing a rain of arrows descending onto the battlefield in a manner that would make Hollywood proud. With these core changes to projectile aiming in place, we will be able to start upgrading our NPC combat behaviors and begin incorporating these enhancements in future updates."

Archery targeting isn't the only thing to be touched on, as NPC multi-targeting was also on the list. This would see NPCs able to keep track of multiple enemies at once versus just being focused on a single target at a time. This would allow NPCs in Camelot Unchained to "make tactical judgments about the most effective target to focus on" as well as attack multiple targets at once, bringing a new layer of sophistication to the MMO's combat.

One another major note is the upgraded design of the home island, Eriu. This has seen the home island updated with the Verdant Forest biome, as well as improvements to the master terrain mod. Eriu also has seen portals updated meaning that they will go to their "proper destinations."

The Top Tenish details quite a bit for those Camelot Unchained fans eager for more information on the crowdfunded MMO. Camelot Unchained has been in development for years now without any real release date, though it has been in beta since 2018. Meanwhile, the City State Games team has announced another game in utilizing the CU engine, which was met with backlash, especially from paying backers still waiting on the crowdfunded MMO to materialize.


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