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Camelot Unchained Talks Hiring and More in Community Newsletter

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest community newsletter for Camelot Unchained talks hiring, fixes, and other development updates.

The update starts things off with an update on the hiring situation. It turns out there’s a new Senior UI Engineer who joined the team recently. Specifically, it seems the past two months have seen the team expand more.

The update touches on various development updates to Camelot Unchained, including various improvements to navmesh obstacle avoidance, flying entities, ragdoll behavior, and animation debugging.

Other updates include improvements to build pipeline, Overmind, updates to abilities, Archer class, improvements to weather, terrain, and more. Additionally, the update touches on several bug fixes made by the team,

  1. Rob and Bull fixed several crash or usability bugs in our tools, allowing our Designers and Artists to work more efficiently and with fewer headaches.
  2. Rob fixed a bug in which visual effects stemming from status changes applied to other entities could sometimes disappear prematurely.
  3. Rob fixed a bug so that physics entities that are supposed to snap to the terrain, actually snap to the terrain.
  4. Mike D fixed an issue in which corpses would stand motionless on any client that connected after the entity died.

And as per usual, the team shared several images including various concept art and in-engine assets used for development. You can read the full community update here. In recent Camelot Unchained news, we learned no gear or armor will drop from NPC encounters. If you missed it, catch up here.


Poorna Shankar