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Camelot Unchained Set to Open EU Server for Weekend Testing

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Are you a Camelot Unchained backer in the EU and you’ve been wishing that you could help test the game at a respectable latency? You may be in luck, as the City State Entertainment team is planning on opening its first EU server in Germany. Learn more about it in this article, along with some developmental updates, including everyone’s favorite – concept art!

I may have been a little disingenuous about the concept art being everyone’s favorite, but to be fair, this update does have some important progress of note. This April update, written by CEO and Creative Director Mark Jacobs, starts off with some encouraging information related to a new test server on the way. As with most monthly updates, a short recap showing off what’s done and what is still a work in progress was provided. The first thing listed was the European Shard named Esclabor, which runs off a google instance located in Europe.

For those that have been paying attention, the EU Shard was mentioned as a work in progress for March, though it wasn’t listed previously this year. The team appears to have prioritized the creation of the new shard in preparation for the summer testing sessions:

“I’ve been talking about opening up a European server for quite some time. Now, after a lot of work (for a game like CU, it’s not as easy as just dropping the code onto another server), we’re ready to have a weekend test on one based in Germany! This falls under the category of “things we could have done later” but I wanted to do it now, so we could have it ready for the upcoming summer.”

– Mark Jacobs, CEO/Creative Director, Camelot Unchained Newsletter

Most everything else listed, including launcher improvements, animation improvements and NPC enhancements are still a work in progress, save for the removal of some older code from a third-party control suite, which in turn will allow the team to utilize .NET code which is more robust for their purposes. The remainder of the update focuses on concept art surrounding weaponry and artifacts, statues, and animations.

Jacobs ends the newsletter on a note of staunch support despite some missed developer streams and updates: “I hope that this update and future ones show you that our commitment to CU hasn’t wavered even if I haven’t been 'front and center' over the last few months. My absence has been a mixture of bad timing, work, and a number of “life happens” stuff.


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