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Camelot Unchained Releases Their Latest Newsletter - 'Back on Track with a 90 Day Plan'

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest newsletter from City State Games, the team is happy to report that they are back on track with their Camelot Unchained 90-Day plan. The plan was also delved into during the last livestream by Mark Jacobs.

The 90-Day plan aims at making the Verdant Forest, which was outlined in the last newsletter, a better zone that is intended for RvR3 upon Camelot Unchained’s launch.  The plan also means to add ambience, such as fog, which was shown off in several screenshots as they detail the different lighting effects and biome-defining enhancements. The newsletter also involves concept art and screenshots of the game, most notably some screens of the Verdant Forest that is currently the main focus of the 90-day plan.

Possibly the most interesting tidbit of news in this month’s newsletter is the focus on the next Biome, the Golden Plains. With the Verdant Forest playtest winding down, the change in scenery for the next biome shows a lot of promise. While there isn’t much to see in the way of in-game footage of the Golden Plains biome, some initial concepts and inspiration screens were shared.

Much more information regarding the outline of development can be found in the newsletter and the livestream as they delve into City State Games’ intentions on crafting, infrastructure, rewards and more.


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