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Camelot Unchained Releases their First Newsletter of 2021 - Talks Realms and Races

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In the latest newsletter from Camelot Unchained developer City State Entertainment, a lot of topics were covered, including a breakdown of information released on the livestream earlier that day. In the newsletter, the art team dove into zones and biomes and the new State of the Build talks about the game as it stands now, and what players can expect from this weekend’s test of The Verdant Forest 0.1.

The newsletter was full of concept art and information detailing the realms and races and more. Some of the information was pointed at current testers, as the team at City State Entertainment reaffirms that they are working hard to deliver playable Giants soon. They also showed of some of the 21 races from the 3 different realms. City State broke up the different races by “Rigging Families” which act as kind of a base model to build races on.

Those in the same rigging family may be built on the same bones, but the team wants interested gamers to know that it doesn’t mean they won’t have their differences.

“There are quite a few races that can use the Human Rig that are not quite human, so we've defined them as a subsection of humans called Demi-Humans. The Second Racial Set that are already in game are part of the demi-human collection and consist of the Picts, Luchorpáns and Valkyries. We have already started to dabble into some of these graphically and will show you the progress as we address each of them!”

- Kara Stover, Concept Artist CityState Entertainment

With testing ongoing, the team also wants to gently remind backers to join the forums and help shape the game, as testing is ongoing, and player and backer feedback is important. The newsletter has an abundance of information we couldn’t touch on here, similar to their last one, so Camelot Unchained players should head on over and check it out to see all of the new races and read a little about their abilities.


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