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Camelot Unchained Posts Progress Update, Tech Improvements and Plenty of Art

Steven Weber Posted:
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After skipping a full update in March, Senior Producer Terry Coleman pieced together what the team has been working on over the past month for Camelot Unchained. The long news post details a lot of the progress the team has made on their backend technology in March, but as always, a Camelot Unchained post wouldn’t be complete without a heft dose of concept art!

Since the last post in February, Camelot Unchained has completed a bevy of tech updates. While most of what Terry lists in the article are still a work in progress, there were some major wins for the team, to show backers and potential players that the developers are still chugging along. Some of the article moved to the “don” category include:

  • Stats and ability updates, like scaling melee hitboxes
  • Gameplay upgrades, such as data sheets for weapons
  • Bug fixes
  • Enhanced NPC navigation
  • Item spawn animations
  • Infastructure code, the Dev Launcher API

While most of these features probably won’t be noticed much by play testers, all progress is certainly a positive. The remainder of the article showed off a host of new concept art, including some screens of the Golden Plains zone, which is a biome that the team introduced last year. According to the latest blog, they’ve decided they want to bring the golden back to Golden Plains.

We’ve also added entirely new assets to the map. In addition to a large oak tree and some smaller (and less poly-heavy) variants, we’ve populated the zone with rock clusters that blend far better into the rest of the terrain, and color-corrected grass to put the “Golden” back in Golden Plains. Michelle’s updated the style pack for the zone as well, making for better atmospheric light and fog effects throughout all times of day.

– Terry Coleman, Senior Producer, Camelot Unchained

Camelot Unchained is rounding out nearly 10 years of development, and while the game is still tightly wrapped in NDA bubble wrap, we hope to be able to see more than a few screens in the near future.


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