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Camelot Unchained Discusses RvR3 Map Evolution

Plus other updates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Camelot Unchained released another Top Tennish update to the community wherein they discussed the new RVR3 map.

Work on an “informative section” for the new map is currently underway. You can look for that information later this month in Dose of Design. As for the island itself, it features new lore, some points of interest, new biomes, and a TDD forest.

The Dose of Design information will also feature a deep dive of the RvR process and how it keeps evolving throughout development. You can look forward to several “progress maps” in this regard, showing you improvements and changes along the way.

“This will include multiple progress maps showing points of interest, keeps, and biome distribution, as well as information on gameplay elements and mechanics, supporting visuals, and teasers of lore.”

The Top Tennish community update also touches on several bug fixes, new NPCs in battleground zone, dragon’s web upgrades, channel groups, health and discovery improvements, UI performance, general fixes, and more.


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