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Camelot Unchained Details Heavy Fighter Changes in July's Newsletter

Steven Weber Posted:
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Bit by bit Camelot Unchained is working towards new stages of testing, and in the latest newsletter, Kara outlines changes to the Heavy Fighter class, and announces the first testing phase of the Coastal Lowlands.

Every month City State Entertainment releases a bundle of information related to the development and state of Camelot Unchained. In this month’s newsletter, Kara Stover along with team members, Christopher Junior, Anthony Sermania, and Mike Dickheiser, get into the nitty gritty of the changes headed to the Heavy Fighter (AKA Mjolnir, or possibly Einherjar) which includes different damage types, crowd control, and animation updates that will are in development and (hopefully) headed to testing soon. The Heavy Fighter isn’t the only class that has been going through some design changes, as Kara mentions the need to update all classes, and the ability for anyone to pick up a weapon and use it.

The in-depth look into the changes to the ability builder will certainly please backers and those looking forward to testing out the game. In that vein, some of the changes to the Mjolnir are planned for future testing, though there is no specific time frame when the class changes will arrive on the test server. We’ve reached out for comment related to a possible internal roadmap. Here are the stages that you can expect from building to testing the Heavy Fighter: 

"The Heavy Fighter work is being done in stages. The first phase of the project was the design work that I, Kara, handed off. The second phase is now with Anthony, and he's already making progress on implementing the design into the ability components on the back end (for both basic/general weapon attacks and the class-specific stylized ones.) There will be additional phases such as finishing out animations, adding VFX, and doing further implementation in code. After that, we'd go into our first phase of testing."

- Kara Stover, Concept Artist, Camelot Unchained

Testing is still a little ways off with the Heavy Fighter for now, still, something did manage to make its way to testing – the Coastal Lowlands! For those that have been following the newsletters, the design and direction of the Coastal Lowlands have been a focus for the past few months, and heading into August, backers will finally get to run through the beaches of the newest biome.

Kara also teases a little about the next biome CSE plans to work on, the Frozen Tundra. Next month, players should expect some ample concept art related to the next hazardous environment. You can read more about what went on in the month of July with Mark Jacob’s “Top Tenish”, which outlines what’s been fixed, what is still a work in progress, and who’s joining the CSE team.


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