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Camelot Unchained Brings the Harvest in Latest Update

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After a busy spring for the City State Entertainment team, they decided it was time to prepare for Summer with a focus on Camelot Unchained’s new gameplay feature, harvesting. In addition to explaining some of the features of the new system, the team provided plenty of art and screen captures related to harvesting.

Who doesn’t love a good harvest? That’s what the developers of Camelot Unchained are banking on with their latest feature updates. The fundamental design explanation was detailed in the May online newsletter. The harvesting system starts with the tools that you use, with various tools providing bonuses on the speed of harvesting, and the potential to specialize your harvesting abilities in the future. Your physical stats, such as dexterity and strength will also play a part in how players will interact with harvesting as well.

The current setup is that Strength will assist with the track progression, Attunement will assist with the quality of the materials, and Dexterity will assist in how much of the yield you can acquire. Again, as I fine-tune and modify these tools, you might expect to see some of this change or, in the case of specialty tools, “alter” which stats are being called to perform the task.

-Camelot Unchained Newsletter

Harvesting nodes are going to have placeholders for the time being as the system rolls out in the Frozen Tundra zone which will be dedicated for the first testing phase.    The reason behind the testing in the Frozen Tundra zone had to do with the lack of buildings that currently reside there, which would be a better fit to test the node spawn system.

The end of month update also explains where several features are in their development cycle. Notably, aside from the implementation of the harvesting and resource node system, the team at City State Entertainment is hiring as they intend to ramp up their development. Other improvements revolve around improved NPC navigation, and plenty of backend work to increase the speed of future development. What do you think of the new harvesting system? Hop into the comments and let us know.


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