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Call Of The Tempestarii Update Comes To Warframe On All Platforms, Including Xbox Series S|X

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Warframe's large Call of the Tempestarii update has hit all platforms today, bringing a wealth of new content and the new Railjack experience to players. It also marks the launch of the bespoke Xbox Series X|S version of the MMO.

Warframe's quest-driven content update sees players get access to the new Railjack as well as the content for the Call of the Tempestarii content, continuing the story of the long-running free-to-play MMORPG. The Railjack content at the center of the update also sees console players able to take part in the new missions that combine parkour and space battles  to earn rewards such as Warframe Primes and more. 

"Railjack missions now combine Warframe’s fluid parkour combat with epic space battles. Ramped up core reward loops -- such as hunting and collecting valuable Arcanes in Void Storms -- unlock hard-to-get Warframes and Warframe Primes, such as Ash Prime! Re-worked, improved Command Intrinsics and Avionics Systems, and a hire-able NPC AI crew give battle-ready Tenno more control, more gametime, and less waiting around. NPC crews can be recruited, leveled up, and customized for improved single-player missions. Two new game modes “Volatile” and “Orphix”, plus ultra-powerful mech gameplay, round out a new robust, satisfying experience."

The new update also marks the arrival of Warframe on the Xbox Series consoles, bringing with it improved loading times, 60fps and 4K resolution. Digital Extremes also touts the upgraded versions as having better real-time lighting and volumetric shadows, as well as greater audio detail. Xbox players will also be able to grab the Warframe: Excalibur Jade Bundle, which features skins, the Jade Daedalus Armor and a 7 day affinity booster. 

Call of the Tempestarii also sees the MMO's 46th Warframe debut, the Sevagoth, which uses both "heavy damage and team support characteristics" to dominate the battlefield. You can check out the frame in action in the trailer here.


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