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Calamity of War Update the Biggest Yet

Suzie Ford Posted:
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ESTsoft has announced the deployment of the biggest update to Cabal 2 since launch. Called "Calamity of War", the update brings a huge number of new additions to C2 including a level cap increase, open world PvP, new dungeons and equipment and much more.

As Nation War erupts within the Great Wall, players starting at level 45 can now join the madness and choose to join a cartel as they fight against other players for control of capture points on the new map. The battle for domination of resources, experience and skills becomes even deadlier as cartels vie to earn access to three new dungeons, the “Citadels.”

And the extensive update for CABAL 2 doesn’t end there.  The Great Wall will also contain world bosses, open world PvP and dungeons to explore and conquer as well as chances to earn new equipment from world and dungeon bosses, such as the Black Watchmen Series and Rift Series gear.

You can find out more by visiting the CABAL 2 site.


Suzie Ford

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