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Buzzing into June, the World of Warcraft Trading Post Has a Fiery Accessory, Demon Heart, and Mounts

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It's a new month, and that means that the World of Warcraft Trading Post has refreshed with all new goodies for June.

Things will get buzzing in Azeroth, since the list of rewards that you can swap your Trader’s Tender for this month includes the Buzzworth pet, which costs 600, and the Royal Swarmer’s Reins flying mount, which costs 800. You are looking to add to your mount collection, the Cindermane Charger is also available for 900 TT this month. 

Finally, this month's bonus reward, if you can complete the bar at the top of your June Traveler’s Log, is the very colorful Quawks parrot flying mount.

Aside from mounts, this month also features a few new cosmetics for a new look, from the Shifty Merchant’s Tunic on one end, to the Magister’s Jeweled Drape on the other. There are also two clothing ensembles to treat yourself to Wanderer’s and Vagabond’s Carrot Trappings, and an Emberstone dress. An armor ensemble is also up for grabs with the Helarjar Berserker Warplate

If weapons are more your thing, then there’s the Veteran Grunt’s Chopper axe, Flame-Forged Fel Fang one-handed dagger, Sunspire Battle Staff, and the Soulburner Bardiche polearm.

Maybe this month, you’re geared up to immerse yourself in fire and demons. Not only is World of Warcraft holding the Greedy Emissary event to get your hands on some Diablo-inspired crossover items, but some of the Trading Post items are also going to lend a bit of additional fire and demons to your WoW roster.

One of them is the offhand item, Pustulent Demonheart Fetish, which is held up by chains and will move. The Jewel of the Firelord is a helm for 400 Trader’sTender that will not only give you a pair of fiery horns, it will also give you fiery eyes.

These and more items are available over at the Trading Post now.


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