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Bury Some Treasure, Sit and Rest, or Launch Fireworks in Sea of Thieves: Season Five

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Sea of Thieves is showing what to expect in season five of Rare’s MMO. The new season kicks off on December 2nd, and among the features coming are the ability to bury your treasure, create fireworks displays, to sit and sleep, and more.

Buried treasure is a big part of pirate tales, and this time you’ll be able to bury any treasure item for safekeeping, and when you do that will generate a custom treasure map. If you want to share your secrets and the booty, you can post those treasure maps on the new quest board so that others may go and search. If they do find your buried treasure, when you next log in, you’ll get the rewards you would’ve gotten from turning it in plus a Renown bonus. Of course, if you want to keep it hidden, that’s also an option.

Fireworks are flashy, and you’ll be able to send out displays from your ship if you want to light up the sky. But you’ll also be able to send out flares, which you can use strategically or as a light source. Maybe even to show your crew or an ally where to go or to look.

Some of the changes to expect are more of the quality of life type. Being able to sit down wherever you see a chair or sleep in beds to regenerate health, should make things a little bit easier on weary pirates. This also includes being able to actually sit in the captain’s chair. You’ll also be able to whisper to nearby players, for better strategic planning or gossip. Emotes like dice rolls will also be added for all.

The update also includes 100 tiers of new rewards to unlock, free to all players, as well as some new premium and seasonal items. Celebrate the holiday season with loot or even some new Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration items. And if you’re someone that loves winter, there are some frozen musical instruments and other additions.

Find out more on the new season over at Sea of Thieves


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