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Buried Memory, Update 6.2 is Live in Final Fantasy XIV, So Now You Can Build Your Island Paradise

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today’s the day when you can relax from all your adventures, head to an island and build your dream getaway in Final Fantasy XIV. Update 6.2, Buried Memory, is now live, bringing the new Island Sanctuary feature as well as new story content, quests, and much more.

The team released the preliminary patch notes recently, and those changes still hold. Expect new main scenario quests, new side story quests for Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, a new dungeon, a new Trial, a new 8 player raid, and a new Unreal trial. The new raid Pandaemonium: Abyssos is open in Normal difficulty and a week from now, Savage difficulty will open. This update also brings several PVP updates, including opening up PVP Series 2 and Crystalline Conflict season 3. This patch also resumes Rival Wings Hidden Gorge content and has some updates to the Crystalline Conflict ranked matching system.

Additionally, Duty Support has been expanded to include more main scenario quests and dungeons (now including content from 2.x to 3.0), the Steps of Faith Trial is now a solo quest battle, and the Thornmarch Trial is also newly overhauled.

Yet, while all of this content is very much Final Fantasy XIV, the feature getting the most buzz recently has been Island Sanctuary. And now it’s here. Square Enix recently promoted the feature via a series of live streams from a nonprofit farm in London, holding the Mogshute Farm streams and real farm animals while counting down to the release of Buried Memory.

Island Sanctuary lets you head to your own island, where you can collect items, build structures, let your minions roam free all over your island as you care for creatures. Anything you build or grow on your island is done separate from any crafting skills you have in your regular play, so you can make everything you want happen without restrictions. You can invite friends too.

We previewed Buried Memory and its variety of content here. You can find out about the update and all details over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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