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Bungie Talks Next Status Subclass, This Time The Titan Behemoth

Hul--er--Titan. Smash.

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Continuing their breakdown of the new subclasses Guardians can expect in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Bungie has broken down the Titan's Behemoth,

The beefy Titan feels like it's being given an upgrade to its ability to stand its ground, tank - and when necessary - smash face. Bungie explains that the Behemoth will be able to "harness the power of Darkness," while still being able to throw down the "fisticuffs."

With the Behemoth, we wanted to put an emphasis on the ability to use Stasis to create crystals that can alter the battle by changing the very ground beneath your feet. Control the ground, control the fight. As a result, the Behemoth can use their Stasis abilities defensively – such as creating crystalline walls to block enemies and gunfire – or offensively, by using crystals to freeze enemies.

The Behemoth is getting a new powerful melee attack called Shiver Strike, which sees the Titan lunge forward with a powerful, fist slamming attack, powered with a Statis gauntlet. That same gauntlet is also used in the Behemoth's Super, Glacial Quake. 

 The Behemoth’s Super, Glacial Quake, begins with the Titan forming a mighty gauntlet on their fist. They can then slam the gauntlet into the ground, sending out shockwaves that form Stasis crystals which freeze nearby enemies. Covered in an armor of Stasis crystals, the Titan temporarily becomes an unstoppable wrecking machine, able to jump higher, faster, and farther, all while blasting enemies with greatly increased melee attacks.

Check out the full breakdown on Bungie's website. In case you missed it, yesterday we covered the Warlock's Stasis subclass, Shadebinder, weilding the power of frost with his Stasis staff to take out his foes. 


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