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Bungie Reaffirms They Listen to the Community and Not Just Streamers

Steven Weber Posted:
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Bungie’s Community Manager responded to a Reddit post earlier today centered around Bungie Employees that play Destiny 2 Trials with famous streamers.  

In spite of the obvious advantage these streamers have in bending Bungie’s ear, Dylan Gafner, otherwise known as Dmg04, professed that Bungie listens to everyone, not just streamers.

“Always enjoy hopping in to play with folks who play the modes week over week, card over card, to hear how they approach encounters, maps, and different team builds. We discuss feedback outside of those cards, too, but I don’t want that to be taken as “Bungie only listens to Streamers.” We collect feedback on a daily basis - not just from folks on our forums, reddit, or twitter - but hands on with friends and other coworkers as well.”

-dmg04 (Dylan Gafner), Senior Community Manager, Bungie

As “influencers” have become much more common place, with thousands of streamers vying to garner popularity through their chosen games, it’s understandable that “normal” players may feel like they aren’t being heard.

In the response, Gafner also addresses that DDOS protection is on its way to consoles. DDOS issues on console have been ongoing for players for well over a year, and the upcoming protection will certainly be a welcome addition.


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