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Bungie Posts 'Immolant' Story for Destiny 2 - Parts 1 and 2 Available

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Bungie has posted two lengthy, multifaceted story articles that follow many of the major characters in Destiny 2. Players will undoubtedly recognize Osiris, Sagira, and Commander Zavala. The story depicts the actions of Osiris and a major sacrifice that was made.

The story is undoubtedly lengthy, but for Destiny 2 players that are looking for lore beyond measure, the Immolant story will scratch that itch. You can find the first part and the second part in the following tweets. Immolant Part 1:

Immolant Part 2:

Destiny 2 recently welcomed their latest expansion, Beyond Light, which has had its fair share of issues, but is still resoundingly popular among the Destiny 2 fanbase.


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