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Bungie Outlines What's Staying in Destiny 2 Until End of Year 4

Some things stay, others leave

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bungie has shared what will be staying put in Destiny 2 for the remainder of Year 4.

Destiny 2 made the shift to seasonal content to, “reduce the amount of FOMO,” in the community. Part of this means that some quests and events will stick around, while others don’t. Recently, Bungie provided a list of what exactly is staying for Year 4 of the game.

These include the following:

  • Story missions will be able to be launched from a node in the Director. 
  • Wrathborn Hunts 
  • Adored quest will continue to be available. 
  • Crow’s vender screen on Tangled Shore. 
  • Hawkmoon Exotic quest and Master activity. 
  • Seasonal Seal and Warden Title. 
    • Seasonal Seal must still be earned by the deadline on the Bungie Rewards page. Due to an issue blocking the Triumph we will be adjusting this deadline.

However, not everything will stay. For example, at the end of this season,  Crow’s Bounties, Messages from the Field, Season Artifact, and the Season Pass will no longer be made available.

You can catch up on their update here.


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