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Bungie Lays Out the Details for the Destiny 2 In-Game Event 'Festival of the Lost'

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Bungie has posted an extensive preview of the upcoming Destiny 2 in-game event called Festival of the Lost. The event is a somber time to remember the Guardians who have been lost since the Last City was overrun by the Red Legion, not to mention the catastrophic loss of Cayde-6. The event will begin on October 16th.

Part of remembering is living and the Tower is "filled with merriment, as memories good and bittersweet fill" Guardians' hearts. Players will be able to earn new Triumphs and offer players daily bounties that yield Fragmented Souls that can be used to purchase Festival of the Lost items.

Players can also take off into the Haunted Forest to clear out ghouls and demons. The catch is that there are only 15 minutes to do it and go as far as possible. The further in, the harder the task. 

At the end of the event, players will have the opportunity to seek revenge for the loss of Master Ives by taking out the assassin's. "This pursuit of Master Ives' killers will take place through a quest line which adds an additional powerful reward for you to earn each week". That part of the event begins on October 30th. 

Alongside the Festival of the Lost rewards from Amanda Holliday and the Festival of the Lost Triumphs, players will earn an Ephemeral Engram every time they fill their XP bar after achieving the max character level. Players will receive this engram in addition to the Steadfast Engram, which effectively awards players double Bright Engrams for the duration of Festival of the Lost. Players may also purchase Ephemeral Engrams from Tess Everis in the Tower, if they so choose.

Read more details on the Destiny 2 site.


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