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Bungie Details Destiny 2's New Warlock Subclass

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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With Destiny 2's expansion, Beyond Light,  coming up soon, Bungie has started to pull the veil back on the new Stasis subclasses, starting with the Warlock's upcoming subclass.

Called the Shadebinder, the new subclass excels in a style meant to "freeze as many enemies as possible." Complete with its Stasis weapon, the Stasis staff, which can fire projectiles to freeze opponents, the Shadebinder seems to ecel at crowd control. As Bungie puts it, Shadebinders can either "deal with the frozen foes, or leave them be and move on to other more immediate threats."

The Shadebinder also seems tohave a powerful Super: Winter's Wrath.

If you’re looking to combine freezing with destruction, look no further than the Shadebinder’s Super: Winter’s Wrath. Here, the Shadebinder summons their Stasis staff and fires projectiles that instantly freeze opponents. The second stage begins (and the fight ends) when the Guardian raises the staff, detonates its Stasis crystal and sends a devastating Shatter Shockwave that disintegrates nearby frozen opponents.

Bungie also promises that in Beyond Light, the new Stasis system will give players even more flexibility to customize how you want to play. 

Each Stasis subclass in Beyond Light will give players the ability to customize abilities like grenades, movement modes, class abilities, and so on with. In addition, we’ve added new layers of customization with the addition of Aspects and Fragments. 

Aspects, when slotted, will confer onto Guardians new abilities. Fragments, when applied to Aspects, can offer additional passive perks. Bungie gives the example of stat bonuses that might come with penalties. Bungie notes that while Aspects are unique to your Statis subclass, Fragments are not and can be used by all classes. 

You can check out the full details on the official Bungie website for more. Recently, Bungie released a round of hotfixes to fix issues with the Solstice of Heroes event, slated to end next week on September 8th.


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