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Bungie 'Be Heard Collectible Pin & Emblem' Hitting Pre-Order Tomorrow

All profits and sales benefit Equal Justice Initiative

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bungie has announced, as part of their celebration of Juneteenth, a new pin and emblem commemorating the date called the Be Heard Collectible Pin & Emblem.

The Destiny 2 developer makes it clear that all profits from sales of the pin and emblem will benefit Equal Justice Initiative. The pre-orders for this pin will begin tomorrow, June 23. You should expect to receive the pin 24 hours after you order it.

This follows their event earlier this month in which they shared the future of Destiny 2, including the Beyond Light expansion this fall, followed by The Witch Queen on 2021, and Lightfall in 2022. However, before the stream, Bungie shared an 8 minute and 46 moment of silence in honor of the death of George Floyd,

“During an event earlier this month, we spent 8 minutes and 46 seconds in silence to honor the death of George Floyd, and promised that we would commit more time, energy, and money towards the fight against systemic racism. We invite you to join us in that battle by showing your support and making your voices heard.”

If you wish to pre-order the pin, you can do so over at the Bungie store here.


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